At AC&A, we have the experience and capability to manufacture critical composite components and structures of varying materials for use in aerospace applications. We specialize in prepreg lay-up of carbon composite for small to medium size components, and are moving aggressively to broaden our capabilities in resin transfer molding. Additionally, AC&A has experience in manufacturing complete carbon composite fuselages for small aircraft and wind kite applications.


AC&A has worked with the largest defense contractors involved in research, development, production, and service of military equipment and facilities. We have experience manufacturing composite and metallic components, as well as complex composite master and lay-up tooling. As the composites industry pushes the temperature envelope, AC&A has kept pace, playing a critical role in the research and development of ceramic matrix composites (CMC’s) and their application within critical defense systems.


AC&A has established a reputation as the go-to source for critical composite components for space applications. With industry-leading turnaround times, AC&A supplies carbon structural and external components for launch vehicles and space capsules for major commercial and defense launch systems. From engineering design of lay-up tooling and molds, to composite component manufacturing and thermal barrier protection application, AC&A is your one-stop shop for all critical composite and metallic space vehicle flight hardware.


AC&A has provided engineering and manufacturing support for almost all automotive design studios in the United Sates, creating prototype and low-rate production components for cars in concept phase, as well as highly-engineered aero kits for Indy series cars. AC&A has continued to build its automotive composite expertise, partnering with a high-end automotive company focused on reimagining classic automobiles by creating complete carbon composite bodies true to their original metallic sheet-metal design.


AC&A has years of experience in creating complex assemblies that involve trimming, drilling, potting and bonding of composite structures. At AC&A, we have the capabilities to manufacture intricate carbon composite assemblies, as well as composite and metallic fixtures and tooling used in the manufacturing process for critical aerospace structures.


AC&A has a range of experience supporting the renewable energy industry, including the manufacturing of tooling and complete composite bodies for electric vehicles, composite molds and carbon parts for the fuselage of state-of-the-art wind kites, and large metallic and composite tooling for the manufacturing of fiberglass wind turbine blades.